Thursday, February 5, 2009


Haru biru lar ni dengan politik dan ekonomi negara.

Baik buat bodoh dan layan movies. Ada beberapa movies yang akan ditayangkan tak lama lagi yang sememangnya brader tunggu²kan kemunculannya. Macam filem Harry Potter baru tu. Pastuh ada crite Dan Brown "Angels & Demons" yang dilakonkan oleh Tom Hanks. Ada cerita Watchmen. Ada crite Wolverine. Huiiii. Pastinya hari² brader akan sentiasa dipenuhi dengan debaran menanti kemunculan filem² Hollywood ini.

Tapi antara banyak² filem yang akan ditayangkan nanti, ada 2 filem yang menjadi peberet brader. Tengok di bawah ini:-

Transformers Revenge of The Fallen

Satu lagi filem yang brader tunggu²kan ialah:-

G.I. Joe

Sejak kecik lagi brader amat meminati kartun ni. Kalau kebanyakkan kawan² sebaya brader di sekolah nak jadi salah sorang dari anggota G.I. Joe, brader plak minat nak jadik nemesis kepada hero iaitu Cobra. Kuikuikui .... gamaknya jadik crook ni lagi best kut?

Apa² pun, kosongkan fikiran anda dari sebarang permasalahan yang melanda dan bersedia untuk melangkah ke alam fantasi selama satu hingga dua jam melalui kehebatan CGI di layar perak yang akan bakal menggegarkan panggung² kita dalam masa terdekat ini.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


First it happened in Iraq.

Take this, you mangy scur ...

Then it happened in the UK.

When do you reckon this will happen in our shore?

I really would like to let go of my pent-up rage against politicians on both side of the fence who are ever so busy politicising every darn fugging issue under God's sun, and forgetting to get things going for the rakyat who put them there in the first place.

And be warned! I'm buying safety boots with steel flaps tucked neatly under those polyester skin for good measure. But knowing these thick, alligatored skin politicians that we have here, my shoes would probably be returned to me dented way beyond recognition.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


It’s fine and dandy that we organize countless activities for our less fortunate brothers and sisters in Palestine. Day in and day out I read in the media publication and see in the broadcast media about this or that organization holding charity events to raise money for the Gaza Relief Fund. Often than not, these organizations will send representatives with huge, mock-up cheques to the Fund Organizer’s office with broad smiles on their faces for the flashing photographers’ cameras. Whether those efforts come from a genuine heart who feels for the suffering of another human being or whether it’s only for show, with loads of pomp and pageantry, only Allah knows.

Having said that, please spare a thought for our Rohingya brothers and sisters who suffers from a not so similar tragedy as the one endured by our Palestinian brethren. Just for the record, here are some excerpts taken from Uncle Wiki about the Rohingya for your reading:-

The Rohingya are mostly Sunni Muslim ethnic group of the Northern Rakhine State of Western Burma (now Myanmar). The Rohingya population is mostly concentrated in two northern townships of the Rakhine State (formerly known as Arakan). It is thought that the history of the Rohingya people dates to the early 7th century in Arakan State, where Arab Muslim traders settled, but there is little historical evidence.

Rohingya people are physically, linguistically and culturally similar to South Asians, especially Bengali people. In addition, some of the Rohingya settling in Arakan are descendants of Arabs, Persians and Pathans who migrated to Arakan during the Mughal Empire. According to Amnesty International, the Rohingya people have continued to suffer from human rights violations under the Myanmar junta since 1978, and many have fled to neighbouring Bangladesh to avoid prosecution. Amnesty International further concluded that the Rohingyas’ freedom of movement is severely restricted and the vast majority of them have effectively been denied Myanmar citizenship. They are also subjected to various forms of extortion and arbitrary taxation; land confiscation; forced eviction and house destruction; and financial restrictions on marriage. Rohingyas continue to be used as forced labourers on roads and at military camps, although the amount of forced labour in northern Rakhine State has decreased over the last decade. In 1978 over estimated number of 200,000 Rohingyas fled to Bangladesh, following the ‘Nagamin’ (‘Dragon King’) operation of the Myanmar army. Officially this campaign was aimed at "scrutinizing each individual living in the state, designating citizens and foreigners in accordance with the law and taking actions against foreigners who have filtered into the country illegally". This military campaign directly targeted civilians, and resulted in widespread killings, rape and destruction of mosques and further religious persecution.

During 1991-92 a new wave of the over estimated number of a quarter of a million Rohingyas fled to Bangladesh. They reported widespread forced labour, as well as summary executions, torture, and rape. Rohingyas were forced to work without pay by the Myanmar army on infrastructure and economic projects, often under harsh conditions. Many other human rights violations occurred in the context of forced labour of Rohingya civilians by the security forces. Some were later repatriated back to the nation that denied them citizenship. Some are still in exile, living in Bangladesh, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Thailand and Malaysia.”

For further readings, please click here:-






And loads more at Google or Yahoo!

I do hope that organizations or individuals who have voluntarily spent their time and effort in raising funds for the Palestinians would also do the same for the Rohingya people. The Malaysian government, in turn, could allocate lands and citizenship, and could use these people as casual labours to spur our building and other labour intensive industry, while ridding the country of illegal labour force. This is the time to show our big heartedness by doing something for the sake of a fellow human being. In Islam, it is better to donate RM 10 in stealth, rather than donating RM 1,000 in glamorous events and showing it off to the eye of an adoring public.

But I hope for lots of things. Will this hope ever materialise?

Friday, January 30, 2009


.... comes around.

Itulah pepatah Inggeris yang lebih kurangnya bermaksud: ko perdajal orang, satu hari nanti orang plak pedajal balik sama ko.

2 minggu lepas brader temankan kawan pejabat brader pergi Low Yatt Plaza. Si Zack ni saja nak jalan2 tengok laptop bagai. Katanya survey untuk gantikan pc di umahnya yang dah uzur.

Tup tup laptop tak jadik beli. Tapi dia beli webcam yang cun.

Brader ejek2 dia. "Weiii ... ko nak wat apa dengan webcam tu hahhh? Nak chatting webcam bogel dengan awek ek?" Zack hanya tersipu2 malu.

Semalam brader plak beli webcam nak ganti webcam brader yang telah rosak. Sorok2, uols. Tanak bagi Zack nampak.

Tapi Tuhan tu masa kuasa. Brader sorok2 pegi beli webcam tu masa time lunch sorang2. Tapi lepas balik opis dan dalam kelam-kabut nak pi solat, brader tertinggal plastik beg berisi webcam tu atas meja.

Balik surau jer Zack dah duduk tersengih dalam bilik brader.

"Oooooo .. beli webcam baru hahhhh?? Nak chat Skype bogel dengan aweks ker?"

Adussssss .... maluuuuuuuu nyer....

So moral of the story ..... lu pikir la sendiri!